The Gallery Walk

siren over gotham

Three 5’ x 3’ flags displayed at the main exhibition pathways (2 on Front Street and 1 on Fulton)
Artists: Kamau Ware & Kate Quarfordt featuring Kadiatou Coulibaly

23 Fulton Street

204 Front Street

192 Front Street


siren over gotham adds another metaphoric layer to the Magic HOUR. The mythical siren creature known to lure sailors to dangerous waters is the origins of ambulance and police sirens. The sounds of sirens haunt the memories of 2020, reminding of us of the feeling that our lives were being shipwrecked in slow motion. The blaring of the ambulance sirens rushing people to hospitals was an unwanted soundtrack to spring 2020. This was followed by the sirens of police cars when the city erupted into spontaneous and planned protests to call attention to the social inequities witnessed while in isolation. In the siren over gotham image, a Black siren sits within the transition from day to night overlooking a city in transition. These flags offer an invitation for reflection and sharing throughout the Gallery Walk.

siren over gotham