The Gallery Walk

LIGHT work

Curated by Kamau Akabueze
Featuring artist Alexandre Keto

192 Front St | Black Gotham Experience


LIGHT work is the curatorial debut of creative brand strategist Kamau Z. Akabueze. This plant-based experience features the artwork of Brazilian artist, Alexandre Keto in dialogue with the brilliant work of the earthly light providing nutrients for the plant life growing throughout the exhibit.

Starting as childhood passions, Alexandre Keto began drawing and painting as early as six years old. Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Keto’s masterpieces are heavily influenced by Samba, his spiritual Orisha worship, and by American graffiti. LIGHT work includes a mural by Keto titled walking through nature and five works on canvas. Keto says “The mural will be unique because it focuses on creating a contrast with the environment and the works on canvas in the installation.”

In the last ten years, Alexandre Keto has completed more than 1,000 murals and paintings in over 21 countries – collaborating on social projects with notable organizations such as United Nations, The United States Consulate, The Brazilian Embassy, and Doctors Without Borders. Keto has also partnered with several grassroots organizations, helping to spread his message of community in overlooked neighborhoods and sections of the world. Keto is represented by Bishop Gallery located in Bed Stuy Brooklyn.

LIGHT work