The Gallery Walk


Curated by Bri Laboss

23 Fulton Street (2nd floor) 


When New York shut down, many of us in the city that never sleeps were forced to rest. In an instance, our lives turned completely inside out and our orientation to the outside world was flipped on its head. We were left seeking and finding new ways of existing; as beings, as a city and as bodies within and beside ourselves.

Residing almost entirely in our own personal living spaces, we were made to face ourselves against the backdrop of our homes. Separation from the city, physically and energetically, created room for us to look outward and dive deeply inward. No matter how uncomfortable, inconvenient or long overdue the shift in proximity to space and time casted fresh light on the many nuances of inner and outer living. The city became a vacuum, offering room for reflection and recognition of the worlds we navigate.

Inside/Out invites you into the intimate observations of NYC’s vibrational shifts amidst and resulting from 2020. This exhibition explores the reckonings of being on the outside looking in and on the inside looking out. The ways time inside impacted and turned us. How our isolated experience of outside was informed by the separation of time and space within city life. And, what now could be seen on the inside or out because time was able to seemingly stand still.